Lake Delton Boat Rentals

Jet Ski / Waverunner Rentals

Lake Delton boat rentalsOur Yamaha Waverunners are the fastest way to see Lake Delton! These 2 passenger jet skis are a great way to beat the Summer Heat!

Ski Boat Rentals

Lake Delton boat rentalsWe have 18-20′ ski boats available with over 200 hp each! These ski boats are well maintained, reliable, and can carry up to 8 passengers! Other features include CD player and lots of room for a comfortable ride while on Lake Delton!

Pontoon Boat Rentals

Lake Delton boat rentalsWe have 18′ pontoon boats available for rent with 40 hp each! These pontoon boats are the most comfortable way to enjoy Lake Delton, whether you are with a friend or your whole family!

Lake Delton Fishing Tips: Fishing for Northern Pike!

Baitcasting equipment is preferred for Pike while on one of our Lake Delton Boat Rentals, but spinning or spincasting gear is adequate.

Lake Delton Boat Rentals

Lake Delton Pike fishing can be incredible!

Extra heavy tackle isn’t necessary. It usually can be handled effectively on gear suitable for big bass. Thus, one would choose between the light, medium and heavy matching sets discussed previously on the website, favoring later in equipment unless there is reason to the contrary. Spinning and spincasting tackle follow the same pattern while on one of our Lake Delton Boat Rentals. Outfits suitable from 10 to 15 pound test line should be adequate for most purposes, and perhaps too strong for experts. The answer lies in the kind of water being fished. If weeds, roots and lily pads are bothersome, one might choose medium or heavy bait casting gear, and a similar strength for spincasting or for spinning while on one of our Lake Delton Boat Rentals.

For fishing in reasonably open water the light turn equipment is more fun. My strike all kinds of lures very freely. Long spoons seem to work best when weed entanglement it isn’t a problem. Red and white stripes, with brass or nickel on the other side, or popular colors, but darker colors may do better when the water is very clear while on one of our Lake Delton Boat Rentals. Pieces of pork strips or bucktail dressed hooks also increase effectiveness. Hooks that are weedless are used only went completely necessary.

Lake Delton Boat Rentals

Pike are notorious for jumping when hooked!

Frogs, I suggested for muskies but in smaller sizes, or equal to spoons in most areas. Jigs get excellent results when cast out and hopped in. Fluffy marabou dressings are these fishes favorite bait. Spinners with dressed hooks do well, but usually are considered inferior to use spoons, plugs and jigs while on one of our Lake Delton Boat Rentals. Pork chunks and weedless pork frogs looks like those used for large mouth bass score highly. Unlike muskies, many pike usually inhabit the same area, giving fly rodders Ideale chances for sport. Fly tackle in system eight, nine and 10 is suitable, system nine being ideal in most situations. Unless the fish like quite deep, they wait forward floating line with a sinking tip would be suitable. Many anglers consider wire leaders to be a nuisance to handle and too conspicuous while on one of our Lake Delton Boat Rentals.

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