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summersville lake boat rentals

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summersville lake boat rentals

Pontoon Boating 101

Now I am going to go over the basics of how to drive a pontoon boat. Knowing the safety precautions and deck features of the pontoon boat rental before you head out will help you to have a more enjoyable day when you’re out on the water.

Summersville Lake boat rentals pontoon boats

Pontoon Boats are the best way to sit back, relax, and feel the breeze on Summersville Lake!

First thing you would like to do is check all your Coast Guard safety equipment on your Summersville Lake boat rental. You want to make sure that all the equipment is available on the boat we usually make we do a safety check before every run, but it is always better to look for your self just to be sure. First thing you want to do on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals is make sure that you have your anchor along with the anchor line. You want to have at least seven times the length of the boat in chain and rope. There should be a Coast Guard package on each one of our pontoon boats that contains a whole bundle of safety equipment, as well. The package includes items such as life preserver’s, flare guns, paperwork, and other small items such as signaling devices and fire extinguishers. A throw cushion must be available as well for someone to reach and throw to anyone who happens to fall out on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals. Always make sure these throwable jackets include cushions with two broken handles as well as the throwable rings. The next step is pulling the boat out from the dock. First of all make sure that behind the boat everything is clear and there is no one or no other boats in your way.

Summersville Lake boat rentals pontoon boat ski

Summersville Lake boat rentals are your ticket to fun ski action!

You want to do this and make sure that your motor is trimmed down into the water. Make sure that there is deep enough water where the motor can be fully submerged before you pull on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals. If it is too shallow we recommend finding a different position to leave with. The motor trim switch is right on the throttle. The next step is to turn on the ignition to the motor and you want to check all your gauges and make sure that they’re all working correctly. Make sure that none of the gauges go into the red danger area. Then you can put the boat in reverse by gently moving the throttle in the backwards position until it clicks. Be careful using the throttle lever, and slower speeds are always better than trying to zip out there! Picture a set of two front car tires on the front of your pontoon boat and you will have no problem whatsoever. Always use slow speeds when pulling into docs or marinas, and remember that it is probably the most important safety feature to use on the pontoon. This way you have plenty of time to react when the unexpected comes. Whenever you’re switching about from reverse to forward or vice versa on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals, remember to leave it in neutral for second not going directly to either one. Be careful not to over correct your steering small movements are always best thing you can be under your way. Have fun on your pontoon boat while on Summersville Lake!

Craig Cats

The craig cat looks and feels different from other boats! This is a small boat with big boat characteristics on our Summersville Lake boat rentals. It has the stability of the large boats as well as the comfort of a large boat and side-by-side seating as well. First of all it is a piece of cake to get in the water and the pontoons are very wide. In fact they are wider than the distance between them.

Summersville Lake boat rentals craig cat

The Craig Cat offers unbelievable fun on Summersville Lake!

This adds for even more stability. This also gives the Craig cat a lot of lift on the take off when hitting the throttle on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals. This can help out in rough water and Shallow water situations when you’re trying to get out on plane. The design of the craig cat boats also makes it easy for drivers and swimmers to get in and out of the water. The boat stability of the boat even makes for a great fishing platform for those looking to catch that monster fish while on Summersville Lake. You can even bring your own radio boombox to set up for some tunes on the water too. Craig cat is also a very quiet running boat though. It’s excellent on gas and you can be on the lake all day on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals and not worry about the gas. According to Craig cat, they put the fun back in to boating and we believe that! The hull collects water and forces it through the center, making for a very dry ride as well. This also gives it a keel without actually having a keel. Craig cats have been known to handle ocean surf so there will be no problems going along any chop on Summersville Lake to try. Craig cat banks safely into turns and is one of the most enjoyable boats to maneuver around tight turns on Summersville Lake. Your craig cat rental will give you a truly unique boating experience that is completely new to the area into the world! The fact that you sit side by side on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals means you can keep close to your friend or loved one. It so quiet you can even talk over the noise on the motor. The boat was named boat of the year recently. A cooler is also available to keep your drinks cold …rent a craig cat today and have an awesome experience on Summersville lake!

Cliff Diving on Summersville Lake

Cliff diving is one of the most popular activities among boaters on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals. This can be a dangerous sport, but when cautions are taken this is one of the most amazing places on earth to experience the thrill of cliff diving.

Summersville Lake boat rentals

Summersville Lake cliff diving is incredible!

Most divers aren’t big people. They don’t necessarily need to lift weights or anything like that, they just need to have the proper education and training to make these Cliff dives safe. The perfect diving body for diving off Summersville Lake Cliffs is a perfectly trim body. It doesn’t even need to be the most important exercises one can do to practice for this cliff diving is by working out the legs. You want to practice quick and explosive type movements with the legs before going on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals. It’s how quick your muscles react, not the total strike that makes cliff diving achievable for all. Many cliff divers like to do flips and gainers so flexibility is also a factor when determining whether or not this sport is for you. Mountain biking is probably the best exercise that a cliff diver can use before attempting to take on the cliffs at Summersville lake. Mountain biking will strengthen the proper muscles to ensure safe cliff diving on the lake. So get in shape and try out one of the cliffs by way of one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals!

Summersville Lake Fishing

Fishing opportunities abound on Summersville Lake on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals. There is an unbelievable bite going on for species such as small mouth bass, largemouth Bass, rainbow trout, catfish, panfish, and even walleye.

Summersville Lake boat rentals

Summersville Lake trophy smallmouth bass hang around the base of the rocky cliffs!

Because Summersville lake is so deep in such a naturally occurring lake, there are an abundant amount of structures that provide habitat for all kinds of fish. The fish tend to get huge in this lake, due to the depths! On any given day you could catch monster bass, monster walleye, and monster catfish within a two hour period while fishing one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals. The area’s large stone structures, and even downed trees that fall off the cliffs that line Summersville lake. This is a very unique fishing environment, and nowhere in the world would you be able to experience cliff scenes while going for trophy bass like on Summersville lake. While fishing on the lake , the walleye are usually found near the bottom and will usually take any sort of live bait- including minnows, worms, and any other baitfish imitations. The most important thing for these walleyes is to keep the bait moving. To catch the catfish on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals, anything from hotdogs, chicken parts, or sausage will work for these whiskered deep water crushers. Fish in the same areas as the walleye and cast to shallower water for more small baitfish can you corral along the shore. Smallmouth bass will stay a little farther off of the shoreline.

Boating Tips: Pulling Anchor on Summersville Lake

When you are ready to pull anchor and get underway, run up to the anchor slow, so that it can be taken and easily without pulling the boat up to it.

Summersville Lake boat rentals

Rocky Shorelines make for tricky anchoring on Summersville Lake...

Ordinarily anchor will break out right only when the line stands vertically while on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals. If a boat is equipped with an anchor windlass, do not use it to pull the boat for work, use it only to take in anchor road as it becomes slack. As the line comes in, you can whip it up and down to free it of any grass for weeds, before it comes on deck. If the anchor is not too heavy, wash off mud by swinging it back and forth, and talking it up and down, near the surface as it leaves the water while on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals. With care, the line can be snubbed around a bit and the anchor allowed to wash off as the boat gathers way, preferably sternway. Two things must be watched: don’t allow the flukes to get the top sides, and be careful that water flowing past the anchor doesn’t get too close to hold up and take out of your hands. Although nylon anchor line will not be harmed by anchoring without drying, it is undesirable to carry this additional moisture below decks while on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals.

Summersville Lake boat rentals

The view from the back of one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals.

Coil of alignment loosely on deck and allow it to dry, but expose it to sunlight no longer than necessary. In all anchor handling, try to avoid letting the anchor hit the hull at any time. Whether your boat is made of fiberglass, metal, Or wood, some gal juice, dense, or Nick’s may result. Guests are often eager to help by getting the anchor up, but unless they have less experience, and it’s better to handle this part of the job your self while on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals. Handle the anchor lines carefully. If a bight or end of line slips over the side it is certain to run back under the bottom and get fouled in the propeller. In a boat under sail alone, have your mainsail up before you break the anchor links. The same procedure is used as stated above that there is no motor to help. However, it is possible to use your sales to access while on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals. If you have been anchored for a day or two in the brisk wind, anchor maybe dug deep.

Summersville Lake boat rentals

Summersville Lake boat

Don’t wait until you are ready to get underway; 20 minutes before departure shorten the rope – but keep a short watch. The boats motion will tend to loosen the anchors whole and save a lot of work when you have finally got to break it out and raise it while on one of our Summersville Lake boat rentals.

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